Most people either take the DIY route or seek professional help when seeking to resolve problems with the IRS. One of the problems with pursuing the DIY route is that only a few know their taxpayer rights. The Taxpayer Bill of Rights spells out a few taxpayer rights, covering issues ranging from privacy to representation. IRS tax relief help is readily available in places such as Dallas, helping you stay in the clear when it comes to tax debts. It, however, helps to know your basic rights as a taxpayer. In this blog, we cover the five most important taxpayer rights everyone must know and understand. Take a look.

1. Right to Confidentiality

Every taxpayer has the right to expect that all information shared with the IRS remains confidential. The IRS has no right to disclose any information to a third party unless they have legal authorization from the taxpayer or the law.


2. Right to Privacy

The Right to Privacy of taxpayers dictates that every taxpayer can expect the IRS, in any enforcement, inquiry, or examination, to not be more intrusive than necessary and comply with the law. In addition, the IRS has to respect all due process rights, such as seizure and search protections.

3. Right to be Informed

The Right to be Informed states that every taxpayer has the right to:

  • Expect clear instructions and explanations of the law and IRS procedures in all publications, forms, notices, and correspondence
  • Know what is required to comply with the tax laws
  • Be informed about the IRS decisions regarding their tax account

4. Right to Retain Representation

Every taxpayer has the Right to Retain Representation. In other words, a taxpayer can hire an authorized tax professional to represent them in any dealings with the IRS, such as in IRS appeals or tax debt relief.


5. Right to Quality Service

Most taxpayers are unaware of their rights as provided under the Right to Quality Service. The Right to Quality Service states that every taxpayer has the right to receive professional, courteous, and prompt assistance when dealing with the IRS. They also have the right to speak to a supervisor in case they get inadequate or incorrect information.


Wrap Up

Knowing your taxpayer rights is extremely important when dealing with the IRS to get the desired outcomes such as when seeking IRS tax relief help. Remember the five main taxpayer rights mentioned in this blog and search for a seasoned tax professional when seeking solutions such as
IRS tax debt relief. Search the web for a reputable tax attorney near you by using location-specific search terms such as irs tax help in Dallas. Always go through testimonials and choose a IRS tax attorney that generally features positive customer feedback.